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XSL Tutorial
XSL Introduction
XSL Languages
XSL Browsers
XSL Transform
XSL template
XSL value-of
XSL for-each
XSL sort
XSL if
XSL choose
XSL apply-templates
XSL on the Client
XSL on the Server

XSLT Elements
XSLT Functions

XSL Tutorial

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XSL Tutorial

In our XSL tutorial you will learn what XSL is. You will also learn how to use XSL to transform XML documents into other formats, like HTML. Start Learning XSL!

XSL References

At W3Schools you will find complete XSL references about both XSL elements and their attributes. XSL References.

Table of Contents

XSL Introduction
An introduction to XSL - The style sheet language of XML. What XSL is and what it can do.

XSL Languages
Defines the sub-languages of XSL: XSLT, XPath and XSL Formatting Objects.

XSL Browsers
Overview of the XSL browser support.

XSL Transformation
How XSL can be used to transform XML documents into XHTML documents.

XSL <xsl:template>
The <xsl:template> element contains rules to apply when a specified node is matched.

XSL <xsl:value-of>
The <xsl:value-of> element extracts the value of a selected node.

XSL <xsl:for-each>
The <xsl:for-each> element allows you to do looping in XSL.

XSL <sort>
The <xsl:sort> element is used to sort the output.

XSL <if>
The <xsl:if> element contains a template that will be applied only if a specified condition is true.

XSL <choose>
The <xsl:choose> element supports selection of one choice when there are several possibilities.

XSL <apply-templates>
The <xsl:apply-templates> element applies a template rule to the current element or to the current element's child nodes.

XSL on the Client
How to transform an XML document to an XHTML document on the client.

XSL on the Server
How to transform an XML document to an XHTML document on the server.

XSL References

XSLT W3C Elements
All the XSLT elements from the W3C Recommendation, and information about browser support.

XSLT Functions
All the XSLT functions and the inherited XPath functions. 

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